Lam Jam and Some Blues Legends – Part 1

Lam Jam with Buddy Guy

Lam Jam and Buddy GuyWe opened for the legendary Buddy Guy, and   I got to check off one of the boxes on my bucket-list which was to perform on stage with Buddy Guy.  I was dressed in my COP outfit for that part of the show with the Blues Brothers. I got to hang with him and his band. We had a great show and Buddy sure is a great Guy!

Lam Jam with Lonnie Brooks and Eddie Clearwater

Lam Jam with Lonnie Brooks and Eddie Clearwater

So imagine going to Europe and attending the Copenhagen Blues Festival. Yup…I have been blessed. Pictured here are two blues legends that everyone knows – Eddie “The Chief” Clearwater on the left, and Lonne Brooks on the right.

This was taken inside of our trailer before a show. It was smokin’ hot outside and the crowd was dying for the guys to come out. Of course they killed it. If you see the hat the Eddie is wearing, it’s actually from our trip to Copenhagen. We were there back as part of the Chicago entertainment group to try to get the Olympics to Chicago in 2016.

Lam Jam and Psy – Korean Pop Star

Lam Jam and Psy - Korean Pop Star

I had a lot of fun performing Psy and his super K-pop hit Gangnam Style. We had a great band that night and I got to bring my dad to the show. The crowd was off-the-hook crazy, and the production crew rocked!

Check out Part 2 next!…


Lam Jam and Other Celebs and Shows – Part 2

Lam Jam does the NBA

Lam Jam and Doc RiversShown here with Doc Rivers and Elwood from our show.

IMG_20130425_193026_713 IMG_20130425_191515_015 IMG_20130425_184304_795 IMG_20130425_184242_572 Bulls-Game-1990s-2 2012-12-18_22-09-25_451 IMG_20130425_230349_690 Jody and Lam Jam Bulls Game 1990s

Performing on the court with our live band at halftime.

Get Your Blues On! Free Concert

Lam Jam & The Sexy Blues BandIf you’re not busy and need to get some Blues on, come on out to
The Centre of Elgin this Saturday where I’ll be playing with my Sexy Blues Band
from Noon – 1:30pm for a free concert…celebrating The Centre’s 10th Anniversary.

The Centre of Elgin

December 1st – Noon – 1:30pm

And yes, Blues can be sexy. C’mon out and see!

Lam Jam and the Sexy Blues Band of Chicago

Welcome to the website of SBB – Come on in and find out more about Lam Jam and the Sexy Blues Band. You can start with “About SBB” or go right to the photos page for some cool shots of lam jam and the guys. If you want to hear our music, click the link and you can check us out on MySpace to listen some of our grooves.

Can Blues Be Sexy? Lams says yes!Lam Jam and the Sexy Blues Band

Can Blues Be Sexy? Yes it can!

Chicago blues has a style and a sound like no other. It’s electric, it’s hard, its soulful. The stories that the Blues tells are sad, depressing and most of the time about real life.

After 18 years of being on stage and living the Blues, Lam Jam is now on a mission to put passion, love and sexiness back into the art of the Blues.

Musically speaking, get ready to be romanced, flirted with and hit on. Here comes the Sexy Blues Band!